Timber Claw Hook 4-28 Log Lifting Tongs Grapple Timber Claw

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Durable steel construction ,serrated claws can grip logs firmly. Tongs open up to 25 wide to fit a wide variety of logs and poles; capacity is 2200

Claw Hook,Log Lifting Tongs, Heavy Duty Grapple Timber Claw,Lumber Skidding,Log Lifting (25)

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4 Claw Timber Claw Hook 28 Log Lifting Tong Grapple Claw Lumber

Product Description Power your log handling with ease! BENTISM's log tongs can be connected to trucks, tractors, and off-road vehicles to help you transport and lift various large logs. It replaces manual labor, making your transportation and lifting work more efficient and flexible. Large Opening Size Max opening size: 36.8 inch, gripping size: 36 inch. The timber claw hook is perfect for efficiently lifting and transporting various large logs.

Bentism Timber Claw Hook, 36 inch 4 Claw Log Grapple for Logging Tongs, Swivel Steel Log Lifting Tongs, Eagle Claws Design with 3307 lbs/1500 kg

4 Claw Log Lifting Tongs Timber Claw Hook, 28in

50.8 TIMBER JACK Tool Log Lifter Cant Hook Steel Timberjack

50.8 TIMBER JACK Tool Log Lifter Cant Hook Steel Timberjack Felling and Logging $56.43 - PicClick

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